Why must notes be linked to projects if Agenda is date centric?

Why must notes be linked to projects? Is it possible to link a note to a day rather than a project?

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The date centric aspect is that notes are ordered chronologically in a time line.

Note that you can link notes to calendar events, and assign dates to them, using the button top-right on the note. You can then see today’s notes in the Today overview, or search for a date/date range and save that search as an overview (Next Week).

I guess you might be asking why notes in On-the-Agenda are not in date order, but are grouped by project. That made sense when we started, but we want to add options in future to choose different ordering there.

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I think it’s more like, if I just want to make a note, why do I have to choose a category and project to put that note in?

One could create a container named “no project” and put all the notes there, I suppose.

I’m not sure you would gain much by having a general purpose “Inbox” or “No Project”. Ultimately, it is still a project of sorts, and you still have to select it. You don’t really gain anything if we make this, or you just put your own project at the top called “Inbox”/“Unsorted” or whatever. And making these yourself is more flexible. You could have “Inbox Work” “Inbox Home” etc.

I’ve actually experimented with having a project called “Notebook”, and just putting everything in there (and use tags and keywords for finding).

I wonder if this might be a consideration of nomenclature. Perhaps “Project” doesn’t resonate for you, but terms like “Notebook”, “Collection”, “Theme”, or “Area” might?

Mostly musing, but maybe this sparks some ideas?


yeah in the past I’ve used a category named - and a project named inbox so it appears in search results as - inbox.

Ultimately I’ve found that even navigating to the inbox project to make a note can be too slow sometimes. So I just use Drafts to capture things quickly, and then place them in the correct Agenda projects later.

One thing I’m not sure designers appreciate is, even though something may be a simple operation, it can still involve some context switch. And at least for me, that can be enough to make it go *poof*. I spend most of my days thinking about challenging stuff (challenging to me anyway), and so any mental energy on deciding “where does this thing go” - even if it’s as simple as “nagivate to agenda, find the inbox project, add a note there, or append to a note” is bad news in my experience. Not every time, but enough that it just doesn’t work. So I’m happy with Drafts, where I press a hotkey, type the thing, and it’s saved for later.

We certainly are aware of that context switch. We have some ideas for a way to capture things without yet having to determine where it should go, much like you use Drafts.

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Note that Agenda’s sharing extension will remember your last note, and show that. So if you put it on your “Inbox” note, adding stuff to that can be very fast using the sharing from other apps.

Yes, we called them “projects” because of our focus on time, and projects move forward. It seemed to fit.

There is nothing stopping you thinking of them as folders, groups, notebooks, or whatever. It’s just nomenclature, nothing more.

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