Why I Switched From Bear to Agenda

  1. The event/date assignment to notes
  2. Category and project functionality SO much easier to use than Bear’s tags
  3. Being able to track interface with things like tasks and events. Less apps to open or switch to
  4. The community is really helpful and active. The functionality deep. And the interface gorgeous.
  5. The gamification. Loved the tutorial taught by chat-bot and the badges.
  6. Being able to easily hand select which notes I want to show “On the Agenda”

I’m sure there are more. And if the window to edit is still open, I’ll add them.


Thanks for the feedback! I think we can take this list straight over to a “Agenda vs Bear” post :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, Bear is a great app. Agenda and Bear have quite different philosophies. Bear is deliberately very sparse and simple, and Agenda tries to be like a power tool which has enough knobs to allow you to build you favorite note taking system, and integrate it with your productivity (eg calendar etc).

Both approaches are fine, and the one you feel best about will likely depend on what you want from your note taking app.


This key. Because not app is perfect. Which is why, unfortunatly, some of us have to use multiple apps to get exactly what we want. Which why I was, at one time, a big Notion user. One app might work in certain contexts. While another, that does practically the same thing, doesn’t.

And I know the “simplicity vs feature-rich” balance will always be tricky. For example, Scrivener may technically have what I need (plot index cards and other features for plotting, and writing in general). But I just don’t like the interface. Too complicated and busy. So at the moment, I have to use multiple tools: Freeform and Jottr for initial plotting, now Agenda for brainstorming and continued plotting, then a true writing app, like Ulysses, to draft and rewrite.