Why does Agenda open whenever I open Apple Notes?

the title says it all really but i could put it in another way : whenever i open apple notes, agenda also opens and pushes itself to the front. is this a bug or is it a ‘feature’? i would like to decide for my-so-called-self which software i open… how can i fix this?

That’s really bizar, how do you open Apple Notes, by double clicking the icon in the Applications folder?

anytime i open apple notes. i think.
i’ll run some tests. you’ve not seen this before?

i guess i better upgrade to agenda 5 first (i am still running 4) :stuck_out_tongue:

did i mention BOTH apple notes AND agenda open?

now running 5.2 - opening notes by double clicking on the notes application icon opens both notes AND agenda.

my mac os = 10.14.4

That is extremely odd. Never heard of such a thing.

Any chance you could make a screen capture video of this issue? Maybe it will give a clue.


here you go

We are perplexed, to be honest. Perhaps try dragging Agenda to the trash, and empty trash. Then reinstall. (Your data is safe somewhere else)

trashing and reinstalling agenda didn’t fix the problem.
i have another machine. i’ll try installing agenda on it to see if the same thing happens and report back.

Is there a link or something in the Apple Notes that somehow triggers Agenda to launch? Perhaps a link into agenda.

Does it help to remove Agenda, then launch Notes, and then install Agenda after?

cracked it! there was a link to an agenda note in one of my notes. or maybe it was embedded? i can’t remember how it got there :stuck_out_tongue:

this is what it looked like https://app.box.com/s/0h3oxkn9o8t8epeai449xghs0lcwhvjk

remove it and hey presto no more agenda auto-opening. weird though that notes should think that is useful behaviour since it doesn’t bring the note with the link or embedded agenda note to the foreground or anything - just agenda itself. and not that note in agenda either…

mystery solved. thanks guys.

Wow, bizarre, glad to hear you found the cause!

I have the exact same issue. I assumed that there was an Agenda link in an Apple Note, but I couldn’t find any links at first. However, I found one note with a weblink attachment labeled “Note”. Double-clicking that attachment opens Agenda. I thought the problem might also be because I am still using Sierra (about to upgrade) on this computer and Apple Notes keeps reminding me to upgrade.

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so it’s not an OS related issue — i am using Mojave…