Why do the pics have PNG format on iOS?

When I add an inline picture on my iPhone to an Agenda note and after that I share the picture via the share menu it turns out to have around 17 MB instead of 2 MB and the format is PNG instad of JPEG. Why did you set Agenda up like that?

I usually keep my pics in JPEG and this large pic size increases the data volume for the sync.

How did you add the image? Copy and paste? If so, Agenda does not get the original file, but instead gets just an image in memory. It doesn’t know the original file, so it saves a PNG of the memory contents.

We use PNG because it can handle transparency, and JPEG can’t. That doesn’t matter for you, but for others, who have a transparent image, it could be important.

We will look at whether we can perhaps drop to using JPEG instead of PNG in some cases, eg, when there is no transparency.

Note that if you use insert photo or attach file, I believe you should get the original image inserted. I think it is only copy/paste and drag/drop that can lead to a different image format.

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Your question prompted me to take another look at our code for importing using the image picker. I realized we were doing something silly, and using the image in memory instead of the file that already exists. So I changed it, and now it should use the original file, ie, JPEG, not PNG.

Thank you for asking the question, and pushing me to take a look. The fix will be in the next minor release.

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Sorry for not having been precise. I simply used the camera to add a photo.

This not-being-JPEG seemed to me a waste of space and I prefer JPEG. Even though I would be able to convert it back later with Preview or another application.

Thanks for looking into this!