Why can Agenda not import web info like Evernote does?

I absolutely love working with Agenda, taking notes of my meetings on calendar basis. Works perfect.
BUT … I am at the point of (re)considering Evernote for one reason. I can share any webinfo (be it photo, article, …) directly into Evernote through the share option.
WHY can Agenda not do this? If I share webinfo, I lose the images and other stuff. I am convinced that your team can easily correct this. Please add this option!

At the moment, you should be able to share links to web pages into Agenda.

It sounds like what you would like are so called web archives, namely downloading the web page into a file, and putting that in Agenda. We plan to add that. It is in our roadmap.

As a workaround, you can choose File > Save in safari, and then Web Archive. The file you create can be dragged into Agenda. Not as good as a direct share, but it is perhaps better than nothing for now.

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This is a process pain I too hope will soon be eliminated. We desperately need a web clipper. I still use Bears’ web clipper which works really well, edit if desired, and export/import as a text bundle w/images.

Another workaround would be using PopClip. With one of its plugins you can highlight a webpage and copy as Markdown. Pasting that into Agenda should get most of the formatting. (Not really a great option if you’re wanting to clip a whole page.)

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Thanks for supporting this claim. We need a webclipper and not the above response where they state “you can copy links” …

Maybe but why should I pay another X euro’s to correct a flaw in Agenda?

@drewmccormack s’ response was a suggested work around, of which there are many, for an existing issue. No work around is going to be perfect else it would then be called a solution.


Read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/fbf8an/does_anyone_have_idea_how_evernotes_web_clipper/

It’s more work than you think it is to build a great web clipper. Bear desktop free really is the best option for the moment.

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That’s one way of looking at it. I wouldn’t call a lack of web clipping a ‘flaw’ in Agenda—it’s not an advertised feature. It’s also not a feature I need for how I use Agenda. (I use the DevonThink web clipper multiple times a day…but it’s not what I use Agenda for.)

Another way of looking at it: PopClip is also an application I use constantly—I think you’d get a few Euros value out of it quickly!