Why are stars colored in iOS but gray on MacOS?

When starring an item, why don’t the stars in iOS and Mac have the same appearance?

Can you send a screenshot on both?

I’ve realized this is just happening on my iMac (in both light and dark mode), not my other Mac — and it looks normal on my iPhone as well. It’s quite easy to reproduce, shows up in all my folders and projects throughout Agenda on this Mac.

What’s interesting is that the stars are two different shades of gray, making it look sort of intentional.

Haven’t tried restarting the iMac yet, but I did quit and reopen Agenda and the gray stars persist.
Let me know if you need any more troubleshooting info.



Ah, I see already, on your iMac you probably have graphite mode enabled in the system preferences, Agenda adapts to this and therefore removes the color of the stars for instance.

Oh. Ok. Gotta say it’s rather unexpected to have a UI element like this one pick up the OS accent color.