Whole text topic copied in a single paragraph

While copying a whole text (with many lines) in a note, it becomes many paragraphs as many lines in the original text. I would like better that the whole text becomes a single paragraph or an included text (like when you drag an drop a text file). The workaround is to delete newlines and add a which is somewhat annoying with many lines.

Thanks for improving agenda, Pascal.

Agenda sticks to the standard convention that a return/enter is a new paragraph, like Word, Pages, etc.

Unfortunately some note taking apps have no special paragraph spacing, so people have to type two returns to get some separation. For import, we try to identify this and remove the extra lines. I guess you are asking if we could do that with text pasting as well.

It’s a bit less clear there whether we should, but we will consider it. Thanks for the feedback!

Hell Drew,
I do a lot a copy / paste of texts from various sources to gather them in Agenda. For instance, when I’m pasting a text of several lines with CR in a checklist then I get as many bullets as lines instead of one bullet with the original text in a whole.
So manually I have to gather the lines in one bullet, it’s somewhat annoying.
My suggestion: as agenda support “Patch and Match Style”, then a text would be pasted as a whole only with this option.
Is it correct for you?
Best, Pascal.

You mean you have separate lines, but you want them all in one bullet? In Agenda, you would do that using line breaks. On macOS, hold CTRL when you type the enter.

If they are standard enters, we have to treat them as separate list issues. Not much we can do about that.

Note that using “Paste and match style” will paste in the text with no formatting. But if there is mark-down in there (eg dashes to start each line), it will be converted.

Is there a way to get notes pasted from Apple Pages into Agenda and have it recognise new paragraphs (one hit of the return key) rather than having to hit two return keys to form paragraphs in pages so that it’s recognised in Agenda.

I just tested this, because I was surprised to hear it was an issue. I went into Pages, typed a word, hit return, typed another, hit return, and typed one more. I copied that text, and pasted into Agenda, and I got 3 separate paragraphs.

Am I missing the point? Can you explain what you are seeing?

Aha. Sorry let me clarify. If I type a word, hit enter twice, type another word

(so we visually have 2 paragraphs, but technically we have 3 paragraphs, but the middle paragraph is blank with no words)

if I paste this into agenda, we end up with 2 paragraphs and not 3, it appears if Im not mistaken, agenda doesn’t register the paragraph with no words. This also happens if I copy and paste text from a website browser.

Ah, I see. Yeah, we do that deliberately. A lot of text editors use two returns as a paragraph separator. This happens so much, that we decided to treat that as a single paragraph break in Agenda, because Agenda has true paragraphs, with extra spacing.

Originally, we pasted the text in literally, but used to get lots of complaints that Agenda was adding extra paragraphs, because of the way these other apps work. I guess you are someone who would prefer to have it the other way, but I’m afraid you are probably in the minority.

Ah ok, Maybe offer this as an option, but even if you don’t, I understand no worries since Im in the minority.

Yeah, a preference perhaps, but we try to keep those to a minimum. Maybe one day we will have import options.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes, I want them in one bullet, it’s ok when typing with <ctrl><CR> or also <shift><CR>.
The issue comes up when pasting.
I often paste samples of code and it’s a pain when all lines become separate paragraphs.
What I get when pasting a code sample, several paragraphs:

What I would like to get when pasting:

It would be nice that using “Paste and match style” all pasted lines go in one bullet.
Thanks, Pascal.

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Best to paste code into a preformatted paragraph. Then all the formatting should be maintained.

Thanks Drew for the tip, it helps though the pasted code isn’t gathered in one bullet. I aim to paste code in a checklist bullet, if available in a future Agenda feature :slight_smile:.

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It would probably work if you inserted soft returns, ie holding down option and pressing return. Of course, Agenda won’t do that automatically, so you would have to go through and replace the hard returns with soft returns to make it all one paragraph.