White paint background in dark mode

What I did:

  1. Switch to dark mode
  2. Add apple pancil paint
  3. Tap on paint and choose preview

What happened:
When you paint the background is black
When you look at note the background is dark-gary
When you see preview the background if white

What I expected:
I expect the one color of background everywhere

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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We honor dark mode when showing drawings in the UI. We can do this because Apple’s frameworks alter the colors to match. If you drew in light mode with black, it will be white when you switch to dark mode.

This doesn’t work for exports though, of course. Other apps can’t do this trick, so if you print or export, you always get the light mode look. That’s why we show that in the preview. It’s the image as it would be exported (which is even possible from the preview sheet).

I don’t use light mode at all. Everything was in dark mode. And in preview I see the white background.

Yes, the preview is of an image that you would get if you exported, emailed, printed etc. It is a standard document presentation sheet of apple, so we have to provide a standard document there.

Personally, I’m ok with the preview image being white. But I would much prefer that the background be black (as opposed to dark gray) when displayed inline because the image has a black background when I’m drawing in dark mode.

Do you have the ability to change the background on the inline image? Or is that coming from Apple too?

EDIT: Or rather, ideally not a black background, but a background that matches the dark theme background.

You’ll be happy to know we have changed this so that transparent images are now really transparent. No white background, except for PDFs, which are nearly always designed to be on white.

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