Where should the history arrows be?

I often work in Agenda with the left sidebar, or both, closed, to allow me to have another app I’m refering to open on the screen.

It would be helpful if the history arrows were visible with the sidebars closed, perhaps at the top of the window, next to the link to Agenda Community.

Edited to add:
The actual use case that broguht this up for me, was composing an email on one half of the screen while needing to refer to several Agenda notes on the other half.

Being able to swipe to navigate back and forward would be very useful too.

Agree on the swipe for back/forward. I sometimes miss that myself.

There are shortcuts and menus for this as well. Maybe they are useful. In the View menu.


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It’s useful they exist, but unless used all the time, I find it’s difficult to remember them. Especially when they are very similar to the commands to move windows with the Magnet app.

If the ‘Community’ icon deserves to be always visible whatever the state of the sidebars, I think basic navigation deserves the same. Next to that icon would be an obvious place - and would echo the back/fwd arrows in the community page!