Where can I change my password?


I registered an account and set my own password. That password worked on the community, but was denied in the app itself (triple-checked, copy paste etc.).
So I reset it. Received a mail with a new password, all good. But where can I change that password to something I prefer? Looked everywhere, can’t seem to find it…


Unfortunately you can’t change the password to your own yet, it’s something we’ll allow but haven’t gotten to yet, other things have a higher priority at the moment…

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Update: Resetting to change your own password now works within Agenda for iOS and will also be possible in the next update of Agenda for Mac.

Dare I ask, how do I “reset”? Can’t see the option in the preferences screen in the iOS app. I have a breached password that I need to change - lest people discover how boring I am…

If you are signed in, first sign out. Then type in your email address and there should be a “Reset Password” button there. Make sure you are in the “Sign In” section, not “Create”. If you don’t see “Sign In”, tap on “Already have an account?”.

Many thanks, Drew. :+1:t3: