Where are documents (not using links) stored in Agenda?

If I add a document (.pdf, .docx) to a note and not the link to the note, where is the document stored? Is it within Agenda? The reason I ask is because I am wondering if I move the document in my system will it mess things up.

I have numerous committee meetings each month with accompanying documentation. If I drag them to the note will they stay there even if I move them in my system outside Agenda.

Will this slow down Agenda? I have seven committee meetings per month, and I want the documentation to be inside the note for the day of the meeting. This would result in 50 documents or so per month in .pdf or .docx format stored in Agenda. I am wanting to simplify the number of programs I use, but in this case, would it be better to store the documents in Devonthink or Keep It to keep Agenda from getting bloated or would this be a non issue.

The attachments are stored as copies inside the Agenda library folder, you don’t have to worry about changing, moving, or deleting the originals afterwards. The flip side is that edits to the original are currently not reflected in the attached documents, a consequence of this setup. We hope to offer editing of attachments down the line.

Attachments shouldn’t have a significant effect on performance. Obviously they do take up space, also in your iCloud drive if you sync them across devices.

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Thank you. Answers my question perfectly!

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