When Not Using iCloud

I wanted to check on something. If i decide not to use iCloud (have it deactivated) does that mean that all of my files are local storage? I am using an iPad and want all of my files to be discrete and put attachments on Agenda without feeling like they are going to be one day hacked if my icloud is ever hacked. I know i’m very cautious. Basically, i only want to do itunes backups every other days and make sure that all of my files are discreet and no one can see them unless they steal my ipad but even then its with passwords.

Is this correct??

Yes, we don’t store any data into iCloud if you turn off the sync. Note that if there is already data there, it will only be removed if you tell the app to remove it. It will ask you if you want it removed when you turn off the sync. If you answer to remove the data, it will clear the cloud data, and not upload any more. You need to repeat this on each device.

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Thank you for the quick reply! This was definitely an important question for me! Have a great day and can’t wait for pencil support

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