When linking a note to a calendar event, all guests get a notification

In meetings I often invite members to events (Google Calendar). When I link an Agenda note to that event, apparently Agenda modifies the event, and all invited members get a notification that the event was modified.

They get an email saying something along the lines of

Changed: agenda://note/7416E29D-891F-45FC-ABFD-5E98B1B00274

This is really bad, first I don’t want them to see that I linked a note to the event, and second they definitely shouldn’t be disturbed every time I link a note to an event.

Can this be removed or at least made optional?


I see the problem. Unfortunately we can’t control that the events gets marked as modified so either we don’t insert the link to Agenda or we need to accept the notifications. We’ll have a look if we can indeed a preference whether to insert the agenda link in events that have invitees and should probably make that be off by default. Thanks for the feedback!

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Splendid, thanks! I feel a bit embarrassed now to link a note, knowing they will all get a notification.

I agree, I am loving the app, but I was very surprised to see that it modified the event. I don’t care if it modified my own events, but any event that has attendees should not have this link inserted.

An option in the app settings would be a great way. As I would prefer not having it add the link when there are other attendees in the event.

I agree, I don’t want to send meeting updates whenever I link an event. This seems to be a recent thing, because it wasn’t doing this before.

I don’t actually want a link to agenda to be added to my calendar. I just want to have the information from the event in Agenda.

This seems to be a recent thing, because it wasn’t doing this before.

Before the 2.0 the addition of links to the calendar wasn’t always reliable, we fixed that and this has probably made it more obvious. In the next update we’ll disable the addition of links in events with invitees by default.

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This is really a big problem! Is there a way to vote this issue up?

It will be fixed in the next update, no need for upvotes.

I was wary of notes going to invitees.

I created a calendar that only I can see - Event Notes. If I want to link an agenda note to an event, I duplicate the event and place it into the Event Notes Calendar. I then link my Agenda notes only to “Event Notes” and only I see that there are notes associated with the meeting.

This does involve an extra step. On the other hand, one look at my calendar lets me know that there is a note associated with an event or meeting - just because there is a duplicated “Event Notes” entry.

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I was not aware that Agenda did this and agree that this needs to be addressed swiftly.

I just spent the beginning of my week explaining to several funders and organization partners (who are not tech savvy) why another meeting invitation went out, why they can’t see the “agenda://“, did we change the agenda, is the meeting cancelled, etc.

BTW, I’m using Outlook and still the same issue.

A quick update, we’ve just released the 2.1 update, which should no longer add links to events that have attendees.

Not always having the link to an agenda note stored with the calendar invite is annoying.
I realise there might be another way to add the agenda link to a calendar event with Attendees that is invisible to Attendees. In the calendar App BusyCal, there is a way to add contacts to a calendar event without making them Attendees. Adding contacts in this way does not send an alert to the Attendees. I guess BusyCal has some way of storing additional information (contacts linked to an event who are not attendees) linked to an event. If that’s possible, maybe the agenda link could be stored in a similar way.
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In a nutshell, this is exactly why BusyCal et al. had to build their own way to connect to the various calendar services (using CalDav etc) instead of using the system calendar integration/store: this allows them to store arbitrary identifiers and private information in the calendar events. Unfortunately Apple’s implementation available to developers doesn’t allow this and we would have to go the same route if we would want to. This is a pretty massive undertaking so unlikely to come anytime soon I’m afraid.

One of the use cases that these links enable in the BusyContact; BusyCal world, is to see notes by contact (via calendar events). Of course its less useful if the set of links is incomplete (as discussed here). A better and more direct solution would be to link Agenda notes directly to contacts, which I understand you’re working on!

Correct, we plan to make the people tags integrate with the contacts app, this way you can “link” people to a note.

Along these lines I have several calendars that my employees can see to keep track of my schedule and thus not create conflicting appointments, The Agenda note links that appear are clickable and if an employee clicks it the dialog bos saying App not found comes up. If they had Agenda installed would the notes open? I don’t want them being able to access my notes.

No, it would open their copy of Agenda but it would tell them that it can’t find the referenced note (as that one is present only in your copy of Agenda).