When I type Korean in bullet and check list, the list style is broken

What I did:
Input Korean language in list and @person tag.
What happened:
The list or @peeson tag style is broken.

What I expected:
It is bug.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iOS 12.3.1
Agenda 6.0.1

Thanks fore reporting. Any chance it would be possible to make a screen recording of what you describe?

Please check images as follows. Thank you.

Thanks, that’s super useful. We’ll further investigate and might come back to you with additional questions if that’s ok.
Best wishes,

This bug was not resolved the latest version…
I see the many feedbacks of korean user with same issue in app store. They and I are disappointed in iOS app.

We made some changes to unicode text handling in the 7.0.1 version. Did you get to test that one?

the bug still in version 8.0
check images below…

Could you have a look if it is fixed in the 8.0.1 update we just released this morning (it might still take a few hours for it to appear as we just released it)

There are same bug when I use bullet and check list. See below images…
When I use one type in the list, it is fine ^^.

@drewmccormack follow up for you

Sorry this is taking so long.

I am still having trouble understanding exactly what is going wrong. Could you perhaps make a short screen capture movie of the issue. That may show me what is going on.

Thanks for you patience.

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This link is the video that shows the error.


Thanks. We will try to investigate when we get a chance.