When going from light to dark mode, background and text are both white

Like the title says, every time my Mac goes to dark mode, Agenda will move along, but not completely. Selected notes are fine (black background and white text), but the other notes all keep their white background.

Edit: it’s even when I change dark/light mode manually. Whenever I go to dark mode, things go wrong. Restarting Agenda helps. It’s just that Agenda doesn’t like changing to dark mode when it’s running.

Correct, unfortunately this seems to be a bug in Apple’s list component, we hope to replace it at some point in a future update.

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I’ve looked into this but can’t reproduce it, both on 10.14 and 10.15 things work fine if I switch to dark mode. So a few questions:

  • are you switching to dark mode in the system preferences?
  • are you on 10.14 or 10.15? and are you using version 9?
  • if you quit and restart Agenda, does it now behave properly when switching?
  • are you using any other accessibility appearance setting like high-contrast?

To reproduce, yes. But it also happens when the switch is automatic.

10.15.1, Agenda 9.0 (no beta)

A restart makes no difference. But when in dark mode and then restarting Agenda, all is fine. Until I start switching mode again.


I have something similar on the iPad now. When in dark mode, the notes I edit have dark text on dark background. I’ll send some screenshots in PM (because of private nature).

Ok, on Mac I have now reproduced it, you have the scrollers permanently visible, correct?

In the left sidebar? Yes, they are permanently visible.