When creating a link using Markdown syntax the protocol is removed

What I did: Type e.g. [test](http://test.com) into a note

What happened: after the link has been created, selecting Edit Link… shows only test.com. Clicking the link makes OSX display There is no application set to open the URL …

What I expected: The protocol should be retained, and the link should work normally.

Agenda version: 1.1
macOS version: 10.13.2

Huh, that should certainly not happen. Going to investigate this. Thanks!

I would also like a general option to preserve links as literal URIs including the protocol in the text when pasting URLs. For what I do, seeing the protocol is essential information in most cases.

We only hide the protocol if it’s http or https, any others should be shown (and the protocol is always preserved in the underlying link)

If you are doing something like coding, where you need literal text for all links, perhaps consider using the preformatted paragraph style. It will preserve the text.

Unfortunately it doesn’t. The protocol still gets stripped. The font changes and the indentation is increased, but otherwise no difference as far as links are concerned (5.0 on iOS).

Yes, I’m doing devops work and I need to see whether a link is http or https. Currently I have to long-tap it, copy to clipboard, and then paste it somewhere else to see the actual protocol.

The way it is supposed to work, if you select preformatted, and paste, it should not be converted. This does work on the Mac, but it seems there might be a bug on iOS. Will investigate. Thanks for reporting.