What to do with ‘Done’ notes?

Really liking the ability to mark notes as done. But once they are done I’d like someway to get them out of the way.

What I think would work for me is: on marking ‘done’:

  • collapse the note
  • ‘grey’ the title font and the check box
  • drop the note down to the bottom of the project (cool animation opportunity!)

These and similar actions could be options in prefs. After all for some people it will be important to still see the ‘done’ notes if they provide an overview of progress. For me, done means: put away, but don’t delete!


This is a tricky one, as you point out. Everyone will want something different.

I think probably we just need a way to hide or filter out the done notes. We will think about it more.


What I do, is just double click the top of the note to “close” them to a single line of Text.

A lot of people, I think, are trying to make Agenda into a Task Management system, and use each note to collect information about a particular TASK, then cross through it or delete it when it’s “done”. I’m not seeing that as the purpose of the system.

Also, if you want these “done” items to be cleared, I’d suggest that you again, collapse to a single line, then change the date on the note to, say, the previous month end date, and it will now appear at the bottom of your notes or at least toward the bottom. Just make sure you have the note unpinned, and that the sort is "newest Items First’ not oldest.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Dawned on me…you can always create a “Project” in the sidebar called “Completed Items” and then just move the note to that folder/ project. That might have longer term benefits.


Good points!

I think the ‘date’ of the note is pretty integral to Agenda, so I don’t like the idea of changing the date or deleting it, just to change the sort order! I’ve tried dragging notes to the bottom, but the dialog tells me it means losing the date.

Putting notes in a Project called Completed Items, would mean they lose the context provided by being in a specific project. For example I might have a Note called ‘Meeting with Designer’ in more than one project! Once they are moved to Completed Items, they make little sense.

I wonder if we just need the ‘mirror’ of Pinned Notes? ‘Sunken Notes’?

  • You can Pin one note to the top of the project,
  • You can Sink as many notes as you want to the bottom of the project.

I like the idea of “bottom pinning”. That has promise.

To use the Completed Projects idea, just add a tag with the project name when you move it. That’a an easy work-around for the time being until something new comes along.

This is what I do and it works really well.

I have a project called Completed and move the complete items into it - seems to be working well. But if there was a Preference that could be set about what to do with completed tasks such as move to a project or move to the bottom of the project it would be great.

yeah and see this is where I’m not so sure that the purpose of Agenda begins to be stretched too far. I see a lot of users trying to use Agenda like a task manager, creating notes for each task, then calling it “done”. Now if you want to use it that way, that’s fine, but I’d do that in the confines of a project. That’s where the idea of “bottom pinning” would be very attractive.

I like to conceptually think of Agenda as the project planner and documentation…or the strategic level. It’s above tasks. Now what I do, is that I will plan and document in Agenda, even to the point that I create “To-do” lists, but I then highlight those and add them to my task manager (Todoist) using the share option

In essence, Angenda is now my strategic planning tool that allows me to document everything around making tactical decisions (action items). Then I pass those to a system to be layered, assigned and tracked. Now Agenda is independent of all that and becomes the master vision. It’s why I was very excited with the mindset of Agenda from the very start. I had trouble doing this in Evernote, because Evernote was my “File Cabinet”. not my master planning app. Now I can have both!


I also do the same but with a different Task Manager.

I tend to agree that this really pushes Agenda into the category of a GTD / task manager tool, and it’s not really what Agenda set out to solve. I do my task management in another tool (OmniFocus), and look to Agenda as a way to keep document past meetings/high level strategy, and plan out the agenda/topics for future meetings. OmniFocus is an awesome task manager; Agenda is a great way to takes notes. They seem like very different things to me…


Not sure if I understand you right, but for me a fundamental attraction of Agenda is that it combines note taking (and organising) with task management. I understand that people have different requirements and workflows, but for me having two systems, both dealing with some aspect of task management, is too much cognitive overload.

I think as soon as one writes #due(date) in a note, Agenda becomes a task management system. However, GTD isn’t the only model. I’m starting to use a pinned note at the top of everything project to give me an overview of the key tasks and due dates. More detail will be in some of the other notes.

Picking up the suggestion of Sinking or Bottom Pinning. To me this isn’t actually about Task Management, it’s about Note Organisation: putting notes that are no longer current, but may need to be referred to, out of the way. When I mark a note ‘done’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it included a task that is completed, it can also mean that the note is ‘done with ‘.

I like done notes, but my preference would be that marking something done means that it is automatically taken off the agenda the day after it was marked as done. It stays there as an indicator of something that got done that day, but the next day is cleaned up so that it doesn’t clog up your agenda. Having to click twice to do this is a pain.

ALSO. I’d like to change note status (like mark it done) for several notes at once. Selecting more than one note removes the option - in the menu - of marking it done.

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Note that if you hold the alt (⌥) key, the Note > Mark as Done command becomes Note > Mark as Done and Remove from On the Agenda. A mouth full but sounds exactly like what you want :smiley:


I know Agenda is not aiming to be a GTD task manager, but basic task management is important, and what can make Agenda really useful as a note system.

Marking notes as Done, is a great feature. In my mind it means that Note is over and done with, I may want to refer to it in future to check some details, or as part of a paper trail. So it’s a little annoying that Done notes still show when I search on #due - if the note includes such tags of course.

Of course I could go through each Done note and edit them to remove the #due tags. Probably good practice, but life’s too short! It would be easier if there was a simple way to change notes from #due to #done - and indeed #cancelled or #NoLongerRelevant (must be a better word, just can’t think of it).

The gold plated version would be for ticking a checklist item to change the tag from #due to #done as well!

One request, please keep these kind of posts together in one topic instead of starting a new topic each time.

The #due feature is build on a general concept where tags can have values associated to them. I don’t think we have to intention to build Agenda in a GTD focused app much further than it is. We think the building blocks are there and we’d like to keep it at a relatively generic level.

Having said that, we would like to add more powerful search options in the future, then you could do indeed things like searching notes (and saving overviews) for "containing tag #due with date GREATER THAN today AND NOT “marked as done”.


It is indeed exactly what I wanted.

A +1 here for some kind of “mark as done” feature. :slight_smile: And a +1 for a simple hiding approach to this as per Drew’s original reply! I’m seemingly using Agenda as a mix of basic note-taking, work-tracking, and reference; so I don’t want to delete certain notes that track my work, but if they’re “done” I also don’t want them cluttering up my timeline. I love the timeline btw! :wink:


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Note that we already have Note > Mark As Done. But for the time being, done notes are still visible.

That makes a lot of sense - I’m sure some uses will want to keep them & others won’t, & hiding or filtering them will hopefully satisfy both sides :blush: