What’s your experience using Outlook and Agenda together

I totally invested in the Mac ecosystem but Apple is not that committed to productivity tools - it just isn’t there biggest priority. I have been weaning myself off of Google products (a topic for another day) and really like what Microsoft is doing with chatGPT, Bing, Edge. There plans are to incorporate AI throughout MS Office and Outlook specifically so I’m looking into making the change. Outlook has come a long way from it’s days of having a horrible UI but lots of functionality.

The main downside would be I love having Reminders and Calendars tied into Agenda (and someday soon Contacts)…

I’m wondering if anyone is currently using Outlook on Mac and elsewhere and what your experience is of how it ties in to Agenda. What are the tradeoffs - what have you had to give up to make this work.


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I know many people use Agenda in combination with Outlook calendars and reminders, although some corporate environments can have restrictions, which is the main thing to verify.

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I personally use Agenda, Outlook, and Things as my main software. I also use confluence, Jira, Miro, and a few other tools as needed for my work. Everything works well enough together. I still have my calendar, mail, and reminders set up through the native Apple apps. This allows everything to sync.

I can not speak to syncing Outlook reminders smoothly outside of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Compromises/Trade Offs

  • If you want to add an email to a note just drag it from the out look app into the Agenda note. There is no share option. I don’t consider this a big deal.
  • Reminders from Outlook are trapped in the Microsoft system. I recommend either using a program such as Things 3 for reminders or building tags and over views into Agenda. Ex: use #follow up (tomorrow) and create an over view #follow up next 7 days.
  • Weird syncing issues happen with Outlook and Apple Calendars that will replicate in Agenda. For example I never make a reacuuring event by First or Last of the month. Apple calendar will change the reacurring schedule by week and offset the dates. Keep to weeks in my only advice.

All in all it’s easy to link everything together!


My big problem with Outlook is that they pulled AppleScript recently. They pledged to bring it back, with ETA last June I believe. But they missed their deadline.