What’s the best way to migrate my notes out of Agenda and into Apple Notes?

I realise this might be contentious to post here - I still love Agenda and will use it for some stuff, but i’ve decided to move my personal notes to Apple notes from Agenda. I’ve tried a couple of export formats and nothing seems super smooth, so before trying every possible option I thought i’d check in and see if someone here has this figured out already?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t really a good format that all notes apps work with. They all have slightly different functionality, making it difficult to find something that works everywhere.

The best you can probably find is markdown, but even then, you need to move over your attachments, and formatting.

Another option is rich text or rich text with attachments. Apple Notes should be able to handle those formats.

You can also think about copy-and-paste of notes, depending on how much data you have to transfer.

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I’ve swapped back and forth between agenda and notes several times. Copy and paste is actually the thing that works best.

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What makes you keep coming back to Agenda? Or do you keep coming back to Notes? (I guess it’s a matter of perception/interpretation)

Why do I keep coming back to Notes? The way notes handles attachments and indexes the attachments. And now with the tags feature, allows me to tag everything nicely. Also the handwriting and the indexing of that.

Why do I keep coming back to Agenda? The way it ties notes to calendar events, and the way I can make reminders directly from a note.