What is your workflow for planning a meeting/event?

I am not sure how to use linking to events in case when some preparation time is needed. Linking note to an event (e.g. meeting with exact time in calendar) leads to situation when the note is listed too far from today and shown to me in my notes shortly/close before event. If preparation of the meeting is needed, it is better to create another multi-day-calendar-linked note aka “Preparation for the XY meeting” to be aware of it sooner, but I do not consider much elegant and practical to maintain two notes for one event.

Maybe I just get wrong the Agenda basic idea? Or how you do this? Thanks! :wink:

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Good news, the next big update of Agenda will introduce two big new features that will help in the scenario you describe:

  1. we’ll allow you to link more than one note to the same event, which could for example allow you to split a preparatory note from the actual meeting minutes for example. Now this doesn’t help with the ordering of notes issue as both notes would get the date of the meeting in this example. But:

  2. we’ll introduce the possibility to add a reminder to any paragraph or list item within a note, which is what you could use for example to set a preparation deadline.

Hopefully these two makes it easier to deal with the situations you describe.



You tantalise us! What’s your expected release date for these new goodies?




Thanks! This is really great news and probably solves not only the mentioned problem but adds even more needed functionality!

Regards, T.


We are usually unable to give exact ETA’s as a unexpected things can always happen in software development that push things back, but the goal is mid-April at the moment, with beta testing starting a few weeks before.


:+1::+1: - two thumbs up

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Hi Alex, will the reminders events appear together with the calendars one on the right side of the main window in this next big update?

Yes they will if they have a due date set.


You can create an overview (search) that shows, for example, everything on the agenda for the next week or two, and check that occasionally. It could select just starred items, if you starred meetings you needed to prepare for.

PS It would be nice if Overviews included the # of items that each contains. :slight_smile:

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Good stuff - definitely good to have multiple notes on an event. Will reminders be “Reminders” (in the Apple Reminders application?)

Yes they will indeed.