What a great idea! and some more



I feel that you are definitely on to something really cool.
A task needs to have its own sets of option when?/tags/Turned into a project or note of its own and maybe some others

A note is not a project. A note could be organized into a project folder over time. Having all the notes in one project the way it is makes things a bit difficult especially when the number of notes starts to grow which they tend to do. having a at list a tree that list all of them out so that user can jump from one to another would be great. Again, Tags, dates images other options…Having a way to collapse and expand with a menu action or shortcut that could select all and collapse all or expand all. Users are fast and want the ability to jump around from one thing to another. It is a bit how the brain works really we don’t really live on one straight line. Only time is that way.

Many other things I could add. I just feel that you guys are really awesome creating such an app and you are doing the work and it si all a matter of resources and time at the end. Keep it up!



Thanks for the feedback!

We would indeed like to add ‘task level’ attributes in the future.

We are certainly considering collapse all/expand all, but I wonder if some of that problem would be fixed for you by the jump menu at the top. Gives concise list of notes in the project, and you can jump to them. Just click the project title at the top of the list.

Thanks again!
Kind regards,