Weird interaction between hyperlinks and pictures on Agenda iPad

What I did:
Added hyperlink to a empty note, added a image, opened and closed the image and pressed enter

What happened:
The link and the image became combined and started to mass duplicate itself

What I expected:
Links and images will display as it self and not duplicate itself

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iPadOS 16.6 none beta, iPad Pro 11 inch 1st gen, agenda 18.0.1(280)

Sorry about this. Seems somehow a new line character has entered the note. You will have to try to fully delete the image/link, or the whole note.

We will see if we can reproduce this ourselves. If you have a few steps to cause it to happen, it would really help if you could list the recipe so we can make it happen ourselves.

Here are the steps that I was doing to get the bug to happen, not sure if its the only way.

Perfect. Excellent demo. Thank you.

I am sure we can reproduce this is come up with a fix.