Weird email behaviour

What I did: Clicked on different email addresses in a note.

What happened:

  1. Some created a new email addressed to that address in my default email client (Airmail) (expected!)
  2. One, with a googlemail address, tried to open in my browser
  3. One, opened a webpage using the part of the email address after the @ symbol

What I expected:

  1. above

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
2.1.1 Appstore

I’ve clicked ‘edit link’ on all the addresses and all that is in the link is the email address.

Can you perhaps right-click the links and choose Edit Link to see what link each is pointing to?

Confirming what I said originally, the link in Edit Link is clean: just the actual, full, email address.

So the address shown in the sheet that appears when you edit is correct? Ie Or do you just see just the address without the mailto?

just the address without the mailto

That will be the error then. Should have mailto:

Final question: how did you create the link? Did you just type the email address and let Agenda convert it? Or did you add the link manually yourself?

Kind regards,

Iirc I pasted most of the email addresses. Though one was typed

Hmm, just tested a bunch of email addresses, and they all had this issue. Odd. I’m sure this was working, so I think we have broken it. Will look into it. thanks!

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I have fixed this in the 2.2 release, thanks for reporting and helping us find the cause.

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