Week number appears to be wrong

What I did: looked at the calendar week number.

What happened: It shows W6.

What I expected: it is currently week 5 (on Feb 4, 2022) according to ISO-8601

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS, iPhone 12, agenda version 13.1.3 (205)

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Looks like Agenda considered 1/1/2022, a Saturday, as week 1.

We’ll have a look, but pretty sure we simply show what the system calendar gives us. If you turn on week numbers in the Calendar.app, does it indeed show a different week number than agenda?

Just had a look, but for me Agenda and the Calendar app are in sync, the week number changes on Sunday in my case. Have you set the first day of the week to the way you want it to be in the Agenda preferences?

Yes they are both set to Sunday, and indeed they are both showing the same non ISO week count. It appears that iOS supports the Gregorian calendar, but not that ISO based calendar which has different week counts this year. OSX supports the ISO based Calendar, and the week number shows correctly on the system calendar app and agenda in that OS (after the app is restarted). So I guess we chalk this up to a limitation of iOS.