Website Problems



The Login to the agenda community does not work with Safari. After the login screen with username and password I’m redirected to the start screen of the community and I still see the login button in the top right corner.


I am going to guess you are using a beta version of Safari, because it has this issue. It seems it is a bug in safari. There is a simple workaround. When it goes back to the login screen after you sign in, simply reload the page. It should then be signed in.


I’m having the same problem on my Mac and my iPhone, both running the latest production releases of macos and iOS, so it doesn’t look like a beta bug. Good news is that your tip about reloading the page works. Do you know if it’s a Discourse bug?


Yes, it is a discourse bug, or at least an interaction problem between discourse and safari. We have seen it reported in the discourse issues.