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For the past few days, when copying a website url link (from ARC Browser) then pasting to a Note, I do not get anymore the Title of the page automatically as use to get it before. Is there anything that have been changed from Agenda Note? from my side, I’m still sync with iCloud and ARC works fine. Or, what should I do to get it automatically? Thanks

That process does require that Agenda go to the web and lookup the title. If something goes wrong with the network, it won’t function.

Are you sure it is not just a temporary glitch?

  • Try restarting Agenda
  • Try copying from Safari to see if it has to do with the copy from ARC
  • Try on a different network (eg WiFi, Cell)
  • Try copying a link from a completely different site

Let us know what you find out.

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Hi Drew,

Much thanks for your reply and advice.

You are very right, it must have been a temporary glitch from my side, as I have tried and seems working.

With the exception of some marketplace website which I guess leave the whole tracking URL. Nonetheless, I work around by using a chrome extension “markdown” which allow me to Copy Page Title = works when pasting to Agenda.

Thank you very to you and Agenda Team

Kind regards


Glad it is at least working OK now. Sorry for the trouble.

On the other hand, I wish there was a way for me to toggle the behavior of the “paste”. I work a lot of URL’s with the same domain with some minor changes in the URL.

Right now I need to edit the link to show full URL every time I paste. Hope to see an option to toggle this soon :pray:t2:

Thanks in advance!

You can simply type a backslash character (\) and then paste the link, it will then keep the URL as-is.

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OH MY GOD. THANK YOU! This is a life saver!

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