Webhooks, API, programmatic access

hey all,

If its already implemented then can someone point me to the docs.

Was hoping there may be a means to integrate Jira with Agenda, maybe a webhook or API. The proposed workflow would be:

  1. task assigned in Jira (Cloud/server/dc)
  2. webhook with agenda to load task in as note with date association
  3. task unassigned, update note
  4. task completed, update note and archive or whatever suits for the individual

I don’t need the workflow implemented but curious if there is enough of an API exposed to be able to craft this

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Unfortunately Agenda isn’t a web app, which makes these kind of integrations try hard to do :frowning:

Hi, is there a plan for a web app?

We have ideas about having some web functionality, but a full port of Agenda to the web is unlikely. It is fundamentally a native Apple app, and rewriting it for the web would be an enormous undertaking.

Perhaps we can fit some of the features in if we add some web access in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ah yes I see, makes sense, is there any plans to set up a project sharing?


If you haven’t seen yet, we do already have note sharing. You can share notes with other Agenda users, and they can edit them with you.

We have had some requests for project sharing. It’s something we are considering for the future. Is that something that you would like to have?