Will there be a Webclipper like eg. OneNote, in the near future?


It’s a good idea. Will consider it for the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Very good idea.
Apple Notes has a «link» icon which list open tabs in Safari and allow for quick inserting.

That would be a quick first step, but I think (and hope) that @user4583 is suggesting a more powerful web clipper similar or better than the one in Evernote. In fact, the original reason I started using Evernote was the very powerful web clipping feature.

While I don’t think that copying Evernote’s function is necessarily the right approach, it can provide some inspiration. I think that the right approach might be to ask why we would want to get information from a web page to Agenda, what information would that be, and then how we should get it there.

For example, if we want the entire web page, there are a couple of ways to do that and it could easily use a Shortcut. The easiest would be to automate the Copy/Paste function to get the link into Agenda. The second might be to create a Shortcut that creates a PDF of the web page and inserts that into an Agenda note. This could be implemented on the Shortcuts menu bar item or as a Services item. This is something that the Agenda team might be to consider popping out now since it would be very easy for them and it would be a bit of automation from a trusted source (I don’t trust many sources of Shortcuts and other automation…too easy to create things that might be malicious).

In the future, they could consider adding a more sophisticated web clipping function. For example, the ability to pull specific text from the page as a PDF and allow tagging, commenting, and annotation of the clipping to be added to an Agenda note. But that can be after they’ve completed higher priorities.

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