Web Archiving and displayed images

One of the most sought after app, or option for me would be a web archive option. The ability to be able to archive whole web pages and have them layed out in the notes.full page. I know there are apps out there, My favorite being Raindrop.io but I refuse and will never rent an App. If when all is said and done and im not paying i want to walk away with something. Renting apps i don’t feel a sence in ownership, something you guys at agenda found the middle ground on. I will pay yearly if in the end i still own what i payed for.

That being said not only do I find something like adding WebArchiving to be usefull and personaly amazing. When discussing sales and new demographics being brought in i think it would do just that. creating more utility to the app.

be able to pull up a note having a webarchive. page open right up…. I’d love it especiall if I can keep all the hyper links and downloadables active. It’s basically what I’m creating now in my projects. except with the displayed images…. another feature i would love to see…


Indeed, this would be a useful feature, and is on our roadmap. Thanks for the feedback!

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Could even replace my wish for a web clipper

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