Way to Close Keyboard on iPhone

Here’s the scenario - I’m adding some text in Agenda to a note and now I want to just read my notes. Unfortunately, the keyboard is up and there’s no easy way to have it go down so I can see more notes. I look for the down button on the keyboard but there is none. I manage to press around a bunch and somehow it goes down, but I’m not sure what I did and it great if there was an easy way to do it.

There are a few ways to dismiss the keyboard. The first two are standard to the iOS system:

  1. Stop editing the note, and the keyboard will disappear. This requires clicking somewhere away from the text.
  2. Swipe your finger downwards beginning just above the keyboard, so that you catch the keyboard as you move.

We introduced one more approach just for Agenda:

  1. Swipe down the styles bar at the top of the keyboard.

Hope that helps!
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That worked. Thank you

Cool. Always was looking for that.

Just to clarify, things have moved on a bit since this solution was posted. You can still do the down swipe above the keyboard, which is standard in the OS, but you can also just use the keyboard button on the right of the bar (iPhone), or use the standard hide-keyboard button on the iPad (bottom-right).

Thanks a lot for the clarification. The iPhone keyboard sign does not appear on the horizontal view. This is what I found less convenient. But swiping solves that.

I was surprised to hear this, so I just tested. I do see the keyboard button there when the iPhone is horizontal. Do you not see it? Can you send a screenshot?

German keyboard / iPhone 7 Plus

Huh. I guess when you turn to portrait mode, you see a different bar, with the styles in popup menus, correct? So this long bar is showing on in horizontal orientation.

Exactly …

I have made changes so this should work in the next version. Thanks for reporting it!

Very cool. Thanks a lot.

Well done. :slight_smile:

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