Walkthrough of all features?

Hey there. Im new to Agenda and want to migrate more of my work into the app, but to be honest, I dont really know the full scope of the capabilities Agenda has to offer. Is there a video walkthrough that touches on the full feature set?
Because, I guess there are a lot of ‘answers’ here, but Im not entirely sure I have the questions yet, if that makes any sense.


The first point of contact should be this article, which gives an overview of how Agenda works. Of course it does not describe everything in detail, but it is a good starting point:

Otherwise I can only suggest: Work with Agenda! Questions come up while doing it – and that’s what this community and excellent support is for.

In addition to the starting point @hr1 points out, be sure to checkout the other How To articles as well. Finally, you might also want to consider the tutorials mentioned on the same page: Introducing Agenda - #14

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Ok thanks guys, I’ll have a look at those. :slight_smile: