Visual Enhancement Request

This is probably minor, but for heavy users such as myself it can be an important improvement.

Please consider giving users the option of controlling the outline visibility properties of a selected note or task. So, when I click on an existing note, or when creating a new note within a project, I can set an outline color and thickness. I prefer working in dark or black mode because of a visual handicap I have, and I find it a bit challenging to quickly see what I have currently selected from among other notes/tasks. I’d like a nice colorful outline around the note’s rectangular boundary - kind of like how this text box look right now as I’m typing in it. I’m new to Agenda so if this feature is already there and I’m missing just let me know. The more I use Agendsa the ore I’m liking it. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, out of curiosity, do you have any accessibility (high contrast, etc) enabled in the system preferences?

Yes I do.


Can I ask which ones exactly? I was thinking of tying a more prominent selection to such settings.

That’s pretty much it.

Thanks, that’s very useful, we’ll see what can be done.

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