Visual connection between paragraphs inside notes?

One thing I really miss in Agenda, compared to a paper note book, is the ability to draw a line between related paragraphs. This is especially the case when I’m writing a note that capture ideas and then I move to processing those ideas - an important part of which is finding connections between ideas. (This is my “Agenda as a Tool for Thinking” mode!)

I’d love to be able to add a comment on the line explaining why I made the connection.

This would go some way to giving an Agenda note an element of the more freeform structure of a mind map or concept map. Sometimes the linear nature of pure text is too constraining. But I want to keep all my notes in one app, I don’t want the cognitive overload of deciding whether I should use Agenda or AppX for a particular note!


I hear you, and definitely, there are a lot of advantages of having your notes in a digital form but it never is as flexible as paper. However, I think it’s often a matter of being creative and finding alternatives that give the same result. Some things you can think of:

  • use tags at the end of a paragraph to highlight the ones that connect to each other, or alternatively use emoji’s (using the :shorthand: syntax for autocompletion can make this fast)
  • use text color or highlights in a particular color to mark sentence that are related
  • add a prefix before paragraphs to identify related topics
  • if you need more flexibility in terms of sketching, use pencil drawings instead,
  • or add a mind map or freeform drawing as an attachment to your note

Especially the tags have the advantage that you can then easily copy or extract a summary of those paragraphs that are related by selecting the tag they contain.

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Thanks - good suggestions. Have you ever considered giving each paragraph a link like Notions does?

Yes, technically that would be possible indeed, but there are some UI aspects we would need to decide upon.