Visible word counter

I know word count for a note is shown in “info” accessed via the cog button.

But I’d find it really helpful to (optionally) have a visible word and/or character count.

I think in the past you’ve said that’s a feature for specialised writing apps, not Agenda. However, there’s one use case where I believe it’s highly relevant to note taking: drafting content with tight word or character limits.

I need to do this frequently when writing blogs: The excerpt is best at 260 chararacters (from memory!), the title is best below a certain length.

Similarly when completing many online forms - a personal or business profile with max words, a tag line with max characters.

For a funding applications etc - ‘describe the project in x characters’, ‘describe the market in x characters’.

All of these lend themselves to notes. Especially drafting the text in notes and then copying and pasting to the online form – which often don’t have a save, or a visible word count (despite having a limit!)

Having this in Agenda would also make it easy to re-use these kinds of texts in future cases.

Pretty please!?

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But I’d find it really helpful to (optionally) have a visible word and/or character count.

FWIW: I don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We’ll take it along. I’m not sure if it is essential enough to clutter the interface for. That would be my concern, given that you can access the count with a few clicks. Not sure having it permanently on screen would be useful to most Agenda users.

Fair enough about clutter, but it’s a pain navigating to the counter again and again when you’re trying to focus on writing to an exact word count.

One solution I’ve seen elsewhere is showing the word count of selected text in a pop up. Adding word / character to count to this menu would be useful and not add clutter to the interface (IMHO!)

Clutter? To my count there are currently nine options in the UI for Appearance. I realize you may not want to open the flood gates, but please consider one more option for word (and/or character) count to be positioned near or next to the ‘gear’ gif in the lower body of the Note.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider it.

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