Viewing Notes via calender app




Im a new user to Agenda and have purchassed the premium version.
Im unclear if its possible to see Agenda notes from within the mac calender app, I can see calander entries via Agenda ok


You can’t see Agenda notes in the Calendar app, no. That would require Apple to change their app.

Instead, you can manage the connections between the calendar events and your notes in Agenda. You can link a calendar event to an existing note, or create a new note for an existing event.

When you link a calendar event to a note, Agenda does put a link in the event which will appear in the calendar app. If you click that link, it will immediately open up Agenda at that note. So you can’t see a list of Agenda notes there, but you can quickly go from the event back to Agenda.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the tip. It works when I link a note to a calendar event in my mac, and in the event there is a link back to the note. But when I tried to link a note to a calendar event on my iphone, it created an event, but there was no link back to the note. Did I do something wrong, or does that feature need to be worked on in the iOS platform?


Are you sure there is no backlink? I think it would be in the notes section, so you might have to dig into the calendar event to find it.


Hi, Drew, I found the problem: there is a backlink in the calendar app itself, but not if my default calendar is one of the several calendars in my devices. So I just have to set the link to the iOS calendar append not on any third party calendar app. Thanks for the response.