Viewing Daily Notes on Apple Calendar

Is there anyway that I am able to view the daily notes, created in agenda, from my apple calendar, independently of an event or does the note have to be attached to a calendar event? Yes, I’m aware that these notes are available in the imbedded calendar located in the agenda app. However, I was hoping that once closing the app, I also had the option to view the notes that may or may not be associated with a particular event via my apple calendar as well. Like if I wanted to view my todo list for tomorrow, grocery list, vacation ideas, etc. Thank you all for your help.

Unfortunately no, the note content itself is not synced to the calendar event/calendar app, only a link that points to Agenda. The main reasons are that

  1. the calendar app has a very limited capability of the note field (in terms of length, formatting, attachments etc),

  2. it would pose a very big privacy risk in that it would be way to easy to accidentally add an invitee to an event and that invitee (imagine your boss after a discussion on salary…) seeing your note content, and

  3. for the same reason this would not work with multiple Agenda users invited to the sane event as it can only have a single notes field.