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When will you improve the view in the reminders app? I sometimes use it and unfortunately, the agenda introduces chaos and confusion because instead of the reminder content, there’s just a link, which I’ll admit really discourages me.

Not sure I’m following, perhaps best if you could post some screenshots with what you see vs what you would have expected to see?

Rozumiem że musi być link ale przydał by się opis nad linkiem czego to przypomnienie dotyczy.

The reminder got the title from your note, and if you add the reminder on a line of text, that line of text becomes the description of the reminder. i.e. if you type:

Remember the milk \remind(today)

It becomes

Remember the milk :clock10:

in Agenda, while in the Reminders app it should show as a Reminder for today with the title “Remember the milk”

If you put the reminder on an empty/new line or in an empty note, it can only use the note’s title, which is what happened here.

Note that you can always edit the reminder by clicking it inside Agenda to edit its title, it will then also update in the Reminders app, but usually it’s just easier to add the reminder at the end of the line that already has a good description.

Hope that helps!

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Dziękuje :heart: teraz agenda nie ma już wad :heart::heart::heart:

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Great to hear!