View of notes associated with one recurring event

I would love to be able to see all notes associated with a particular, recurring event.

Context: I have repeat meetings with certain members of my team and those appointments are recurring events. While each event in my calendar is unique to that person, I have chosen to have one project in Agenda (rather than a project for each individual).

The result is that these meeting notes are all together so while I CAN see them in a list, I have to scroll through more notes than necessary to find what I’m looking for and prepare for my next meeting.

Goal: Overview of multiple notes linked to one recurring event.

Method: Not sure how you accomplish this. Theoretically there are a number ways to handle this but the two that come to mind are either a new view (like Agenda or Today) where you can simply choose the event you want to see notes for and which would show multiple notes if it were a recurring event.


A way of filtering your notes for a particular project by event :slight_smile:



I can see the use case of seeing all the notes that are somehow related to the same event, not sure how easy it technically is, but perhaps we can look into making sure they show up first in the related section of the right panel.

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Thanks! It’s not a make or break feature for me and I’m sure your team would know how to (and weather or not to) implement. Was just thinking it would help in my workflow and maybe it would be something helpful for others. Thanks for the consideration!