Version History

A version history of our notes in case one makes a mistake would be greatly appreciated, as it provides some assurance that it is safe to make mistakes or not worry about our devices glitching out and wiping content in a way that isn’t recoverable.

I understand that it could be difficult to implement. I know that Bear doesn’t have it, but Drafts does.

Thank you.


I think it makes sense for Drafts, because, well, it’s all about drafts :slight_smile:

For us, it is probably an edge case for now. I would recommend simply copying a note if it is worth having a version kept.

You can also use Time Machine to go back in time, but you would probably want to turn off Agenda sync if you go that way.

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I just don’t want a bug or a server-side glitch to ruin my note.


Well this just happened to me. Had a full day planning session on Friday. Got to my computer on monday and poof, 15 pages of notes are gone. A bit angry to say the least ….

That has not happened to anyone that I am aware of. It is much more likely a visual glitch. Try restarting the mac.

Are the notes on another device, like an iPhone?


Tried that. Yes its synced to both an ipad and iphone. I am wondering if when i opened agenda on my ipad it synced an older copy of the note it had and over-wrote it….

Would be great to have a preimum auto export feature like notability etc. that sends a pdf copy directly to dropbox or another cloud storage service as a back up :slightly_smiling_face:

@drewmccormack dont get me wrong love you product. I bought the premium subcription for both OSX and iOS !

Even that shouldn’t happen, it should merge things at the paragraph level, so unless everything was in one big paragraph it should have merged the contents of the note. Please do let us know if you see this happen again.

+1 for version history. I’d really, really love to have this. Then I could feel fully secure in switching to Agenda as my primary notes app.

On iOS, I love that Drafts has this as does Notebook by Zoho.


Yes, data security is very important.

The storage foundation we use in Agenda does indeed store the complete version history of your documents, we haven’t made this user visible so far though, we probably will at some point.

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Version history will be essential once collaboration is implemented. The Evernote implementation is great and I rely on it a lot.

If there ends up being an “ugly export” option, I would happily take it.

This is really important and I’m now completely questioning my decision to start using Agenda.
I had a 4-hr meeting with a new client yesterday, made detailed notes and everything was fime this morning.
That note is now blank save for a few random letters.
By accident, maybe, I may have lent on the keyboard & overwrote everything - we’ve all done it with a MacBook trackpad.
The point is, without version history I’m totally stuffed. My iPad & iPhone have already synced so I can’t even grab the data from there.

We don’t have a way for the user to access the history but if needed we can extract the note’s content for you, I’m sending you instructions in a separate direct message.

For backing up specific versions (not recovering from mistakes as people are bringing up here), you can export an Agenda note and add it back to the original note as an attachment. I frequently export a note as Markdown and attach that to the original note.

It would be nice if there were a quicklook plugin for agenda note files, so you can preview them.