Version 17 failed 2-way sync between iOS and Mac/iPad apps

What I did: Created a new note in the latest iOS version of the app, then tried to view the note in MacOS/iPadOS apps.

What happened:
Notes created/modified in iOS do not sync across iPad or Mac applications. The issues only seems to be one directional, as changes made in iPad or Mac versions do show up in iOS.
What I expected:
seemless syncing across devises as was the case prior to the V17 upgrade

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iPhone 14 Pro Max - 16.3.1
iPad Pro - 16.3.1
MacBook Pro - Ventrua 13.2.1

(all are using the latest version of agenda, V17.0)

From what you describe it matches the symptom that the devices simply haven’t fully caught up yet. When you migrate to Agenda 17 it will create quite a bit of data that has to be synced (for some features coming in Agenda 18 mainly), which basically “clogs the pipe” when it comes to syncing. The solution should normally be to just give it some more time, ideally by keeping Agenda in the foreground. The reason it’s asymmetrical means that say your Mac is already done sending up the migrated data, but the phone is not (or vice versa).

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