Version 17.0 with Multiple Windows, Focus Mode, Formatting Window and Lifetime Premium 🎁

I’m pretty certain I didn’t get one, I’ve seached in my emails. I did notice getting an email saying my annual subscription has started!

Hi, does the lifetime premium support family sharing via apple iCloud ?

No, Apple only make family sharing available for subscriptions, I’m afraid. So family sharing should work for a standard subscription, but not the one-off lifetime license.

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Big shoutout to Agenda team! Finally left Things 3 when I heard about Agenda’s latest release.
The main advantage of Agenda that made me decide to switch is the seamless and feature-rich text format customization and the ability to upload attachments. Oh, and yes, colors, lots of colors!

Agenda have so much features that Things 3 is lacking, very reason I am here now!



So happy to hear that, thank you for sharing such kind words! :pray:


Ah, answered my main question.