UX elements overlapping

What I did: N/A

What happened: Any view of notes seems to be overlapping certain UX elements, making it difficult to click on the one you want.

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda v2
OS X 10.12.6
Early 2015 Macbook pro

Strange, we have one more report similar to yours, I even got the library from this person but alas despite a lot of effort I just can’t get it to reproduce. Does happen directly at startup or only after clicking “Show Project”?

I’m struggling to reproduce it myself. It seems intermittent and only seems to appear in the project and saved search views. Restarting the program cleared it up, but I’ve seen it more than once now.

I’ll follow up if I can pin down the STR!

Ok, thanks for the follow up. The other person saw it when using the Show Project button in the headers between notes (which is also the view that is overlapping btw), let me know if that’s indeed how you can reproduce it too. Other things that would be good to know: if it happens is it in all projects or only one/some.

A quick update We have had a few more of these reports but unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce it ourselves yet. Having said that, we’ve just released the 2.1 update in which we made some changes that might resolve the issue. Could you let us know if it does indeed?

Update: As of today, I’m still encountering this issue. I’m on the latest version of Agenda, and I’m able to reproduce it fairly regularly when switching between windowed and full-screen mode on Mac OS x 10.12.6. It only seems to occur in a project view, and not “On the Agenda”.

I’m having the same issue. Any news on a solution?

@lenfishman do you too see it mainly triggered when moving from fullscreen mode to windowed mode?

It only affects the iPad. The iPhone works flawlessly.