Using [[ to link to existing note doens’t work mid-sentence

What I did:

tried to use [[ to add a link in the middle of existing line of text

What happened:

the pop-up only offered to create a new note with the title {rest of my sentence}

What I expected:

option to link to an existing note

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Version 16.1 (263) - Mac App Store

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I’ve often been bit by this.

We’ll take another look but from what I remember this is a trade off between allowing multiple word project and note titles to work with autocompletion vs working mid-sentence. The latter has a higher priority for us and mid sentence completion is still an edge case compared to end of the line completion.


Thanks - and I agree with your priorities here if both aren’t possible.

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This post describes a number of workarounds btw if you want to create links in the middle of sentence: