Using On the Agenda Vs. Today

Hi there, I just started using Agneda Last week and I like a lot about it.

Can you please share some best practices on how you use

“On the Agenda” versus “Today”

I am trying to develop some solid workflows

I think you will find quite a lot of useful info in the Talk section. People discuss how they use the app there.

In general, on-the-agenda is manually managed. You put notes that are important now on the agenda. I use this myself a lot. I have 10 or less notes on the agenda at any time.

The “Today” overview uses the date on the notes. If you put dates on your notes a lot, this can be very useful.

Which you use depends a lot of how you want to use Agenda. If you use dates for most things, then Today is probably fine. But on the agenda may also be useful, because things stay there until they are done, and then you remove them manually.

Thanks Drew, that is kinda what I thought, I appreciate you taking the time to share. Cheers! Colin