Using MarginNote URLScheme to add notes to Agenda

Can I use this MarginNote 3 addon URLScheme function to automatically add excerpts to Agenda?

I was wondering if the variables would work with x-callback

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take a look

I managed to do it. You can delete this post because I’ll soon (when I have some free time) make a “guide”, based on my experience, on how to use agenda for your productivity and how to use agenda and marginnote 3 for studies (using x-callback and this plugin).
I hust have one question.
Is there a way to add new lines when using append to text function?
For example:
agenda://x-callback-url/append-to-note?title=Studies&text={{allText_h}} (return key for new line)🔗{{link}} (return key){{tag_h}} the stuff between keys are the mn3 variables

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Hmm, I think you would need to enter \n and then use percent escapes on that. Seems like the encoded variant would be %5Cn

Not tested this, but I think that would be it.

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Thanks Drew!