Using links to gather info into a common note from multiple notes

Is there any way to easily link to a note within a note for example [[dlp project]] would place a link to the note “dlp project” within the existing note so you could keep all the info in a single place. The current "\link(note-title:” is not quick. It could be done perhaps with a tag of multiple notes, but being able to go to the note and output a pdf of the markdown is the goal for me in this case. I also use Logseq and the linking between notes is what keeps dragging me back to it. I seem to come back to agenda every new update and try again, but can’t seem to break the mindset I formed there for linking between notes.

Also is there a keybord way to move lines within a note? I often finds myself struggling with a list needing to move items up or down.

You can move lines up and down with CTRL + SHIFT + UP/DOWN arrows

For the linking you are asking about, you can just type a [[ and start typing the title of the note you want to link, and it should present notes using partial matching, even if it’s not the start of the title. You’re also given the option to create a new note, as you can see in the screenshot