Using Agenda together with Aware IM to document development

I am using Agenda in conjunction with AwareIM which is a fantastic RAD / Low Code platform (check it out - disclosure I earn nothing from recommendations other than a warm feeling from helping out people).

Where Aware is great is that I am really fast at developing and it will self document. Where it’s really not so great is that it is really fast and it doesn’t force me to write descriptions for everything (now I write that I realise that this is my failing not the tool :grin: )

Also my partner in crime is not a technical user so I can’t unleash him into the development server.

So instead I’m using Agenda to:

  • create a readable description of the system
  • cross referencing everything
  • defining cross referenced reference data
  • manage the scheduling of requirements
  • building help documentation (well the framework of it as without images at the moment it is only half there)

I’ve got greater visibility of everything through tags, Agenda links and to do tasks.

Things I am really looking forward to:

  • iPad app
  • collaboration (ideally with edit vs read access)
  • images / file attachments / tables

I’ve looked at Trello (hate it), full blown PM tools (too much data not enough link to documentation (maybe I should write a PMP platform from initiation to wrap up). Mind maps are great but not so good at the cross referencing. Apple Notes and Reminders are ubiquitous but lack the detail and the ability to cross reference.

Thanks for sharing! This makes a lot of sense, I too use it for tracking development of Agenda as well for pretty much all the items you mention…

… and therefore I’m looking forward to these as well :smiley:

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Sou desenvolvedor e gostaria de saber como usa o agenda para gerenciar suas tarefas diárias? Como faz a sua organização? @mekentosj