Using agenda to plan out a research documentary

I began using Agenda just as a relatively basic Notes app and then I discovered it’s amazing functionality at project management. not only that keeping everything that trails off or gets sidetracked handy. It can be sidetracked here but it’s still attached to your project so you never lose that part of your work in a near file you can access later.

I am planning a research documentary and it’s difficult to keep track of everything that I think of in the moment. So I’ve got all these sticky notes all over the place that is until agenda. Now all my little side notes are spur the moment thoughts I just put an agenda under the project and the categorize themselves almost and I love it, I keep up with how my research is going. My research subjects are the different research modalities and assessments that I’m using and I even keep my script there as well. I plan on writing a paper to go along with this documentary in hopes that it will be published and I’m gonna use Agenda and keep it in that same workflow