Using Agenda on Windows system/web

Hey guys!
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my work unfortunately requires me to do everything on a heavily restricted Windows 10 laptop.
I realize having Agenda on Windows or webapp version is far away (if at all) but I was thinking of a couple of possible workarounds which could be simpler (not sure if already considered?):

  1. “Noteplan” style feature where Agenda has access to one specific folder of choice in an external drive going through “Files” App. Antyhing saved in MD style could then be opened in Agenda as an Agenda note and Agenda notes could also be saved there from the app directly as MD files
  2. I recently noticed that “sticky notes” in Outlook actually can and do sync with Apple Notes app. If I enter any text or information in a sticky note in Outlook on a Windows PC, it automatically shows up on my ipad in the Notes app (and vice versa) so long as I’ve signed in to the account locally. Would a 2-way sync or integration of Agenda with Apple notes (similar to Reminders/Calendars) be an option? If yes, that would be a straight way to have notes sync and be readable and editable in both systems

Just food for thought and thanks as always for an amazing app!

Thanks for the feedback! We are certainly looking at this type of solution as a way to support people on other platforms without a full Agenda app.

Note that we do have pretty good Shortcut support. I think it would be possible to make a little shortcut that monitors a folder, and imports markdown into a project in Agenda when a file appears there. Perhaps worth asking the experts in the Shortcut area of this site.

The Outlook one would take more work, I guess. Again, Shortcuts may be an option. Note that Agenda does sync with Reminders and Calendar two ways, but I believe there are issues with the notes section. Have a feeling that might be one-way.

As I said, we do have more robust solutions in our roadmap, but can’t say when we will get to them. Sorry.

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Another solution could be to use VNC, TeamViewer or similar remote screen sharing tools to access your Agenda.

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