Using Agenda for reading portfolio, also possibly gig log (RTF and Markdown Q)

I’m trying Agenda out as a dedicated journal for tracking my study sessions. I have lots of citations to keep track of, and what I’d wish is support for RTF / Markdown cross-conversion to help me keep whole citations (APA) intact across tools. Cf Pandoc

I also requested elsewhere that the duration of the associated events I create be available in list-view (and not only part of the creation of a calendar event). This could also help free-lancers if it could be exported…?


Hi Vincent, Pandoc integration is not something we have directly on the list for the short terms, the more because it has some complication license and size wise. We’ll keep an eye on how often this is requested.

Regarding the event duration, where exactly would you like this to be shown?

Hi @Mekentosj – Ok, I’ll keep my fingers crossed as to the Markdown/RTF cross-conversion. As to the placement of the duration element, I would think it would do well snugged next to the relative time text flush right, still in grey, and showing on every header. Example: I finished a three-hour session “8 minutes ago” and therefore something compressed like “3h ~ 8 minutes ago” or maybe spelled out and adding a space “3 hours ~ 8 minutes ago.” The tilde could be something else, but I think it suggests “roundedness” and “approximation” right? – Thanks!

Thanks, I understand what you mean now, will think about it.